TWO Great Reasons to Join Watkins This Month!

Cool! It’s almost like getting a 100% rebate on your Watkins membership!

Here’s a cool little bonus for getting started as a Watkins member today.

Every person who joins Watkins during April 2018 will automatically get a free $30 Food Products Gift Certificate from Watkins Corporate. The gift certificate will be postal mailed to you automatically about two or three weeks after you join. You can then apply the free certificate to any future order with $30 or more of Watkins food products. It’s that simple.

Getting started with Watkins is just $29.95, which covers your first year of membership plus access to our extensive training website (subsequent years also have an annual membership renewal of just $29.95). Even if your state or province charges a few bucks of sales tax, your total cost is less than $35 to get started.

The only requirement to qualify for this $30 food products certificate is to join Watkins this month. So, with this $30 certificate, it’s almost like getting a rebate for your entire $29.95 membership. Awesome!

Logo saying 150 Years of Integrity for WatkinsEarn Up to $150 in additional FREE Food Products!

There’s a second extra bonus opportunity when you choose to join Watkins as a member of our team this month. 2018 marks the company’s 150th year. So, we’re giving all new members the opportunity to earn $150 worth of free Watkins food products as they take action to build their business quickly.

But these additional gift certificates for free food products are really just the icing on the cake… by quickly doing the first steps towards success, you’ll also be setting yourself up for solid earnings and bonus income in the months and years ahead.

Here’s how the New Consultant Action Challenge works:

  • During your first ten days, place an order for $150 worth of any Watkins products, and get a free $10 food products gift certificate.
  • In either the month you join or the following month, qualify for the Bronze Consultant achievement level and get a free $40 food products gift certificate.
  • In either the month you join or the following month, qualify for the Silver Consultant achievement level and get a free $100 food products gift certificate.

When you get access to our training site the day after you join, you’ll learn how to reach those achievement levels to earn one, two, or all three certificates. Get all three and you’ll have a total $150 in free Watkins food products, in honor of Watkins’ 150th year. Cool!

Friends cooking with WatkinsAnd, Yes… Your Friends Can Do It, Too!

The day after you join, our team sets up a free website for you just like the one you’re viewing now. You’ll have your own link that you can use to send people to your site. And if they decide the business makes sense for them, too, they can join through your site and they’ll be members of your team. If they join this month, they can automatically get the $30 food products gift certificate just for joining, plus they’ll have the opportunity to earn up to $150 in additional food products certificates through the New Consultant Action Challenge, just like you.

So, not only can you get the free products, but you can also help other people take advantage of this same offer, too… which helps them as it builds your team (and your future income potential).

Hey, it’s fun having other people tag along with you on your journey to earning income with Watkins. And, if people who join your team enjoy using Watkins products themselves, or sell products, or introduce others to the business, it can all add up to more ongoing bonus income for you—month after month after month! It’s a true win-win situation in which you can help people you care about at the same time you’re helping improve your own finances.

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Join my Watkins Team this month and get a $20 Gift Certificate!

This month’s very special Incentive for joining my Watkins Team Join and get a FREE Watkins Gift Certificate

Join this month and get a $20 Watkins Gift Certificate




Plus, you can Earn Up to $150 in FREE Products in Your First Weeks

Earn up to $150 in Free products with our Watkins New Consultant Action Challenge!


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Why Watkins?

  • This easy, flexible, sensible work-from-home business can let you earn a part-time to a full-time income.
  • Simply help us get more families using Watkins products, by selling products yourself or by introducing other people to our business opportunity.
  • Earn up to a 47% profit on everything you sell.
  • Earn 5% to 10% average bonus commissions on your team members’ activity.
  • Get a wholesale discount  for your own family.
  • Get the income tax advantages of owning your own business, which may increase your tax refunds.
  • Backed by Watkins’ superior products and reputation.
  • Tons of free coaching, tools, and a training website dedicated to showing you exactly what to do to be successful.
  • Just $29.95 gets you started.
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