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Independent Watkins Consultant Anne Thomas

I’m proud to introduce the excellence of Watkins.  I hope you’ll also consider joining me as a Watkins Consultant-there’s untapped potential for big earnings no matter where you live in the U.S. or Canada.

Have the Life you Desire with Watkins & the Summit Group

Watkins All-Natural Baking VanillaWatkins is repeatedly named among the top business opportunities in North America. Watkins has outstanding products and a top-notch compensation plan. We provide free training and support that can help you develop a significant income (we’ll even give you a FREE website to promote your business). You can build a Watkins business online or with traditional methods. It’s fun, interesting, and there’s no pressure to ever do more than you want to. You can get started today for as little as $29.95.

Click here to learn how you can earn income with us or Join me today .
A free prospecting website  and a free e-consultant website are just two of the many benefits of joining our team! Why not get started today?

Whether you want to share the products with others or use our team-building method (simply buying the products and sharing the business with others)- a Watkins business on our  team can work simply into your life-style, on your schedule, and can be quite rewarding.

I’ve enjoyed working with and helping people succeed with a Watkins home business since 1995 throughout North America- our training and support can help you also!

Why Watkins?

  • This easy, flexible, sensible work-from-home business can let you earn income from home.
  • Simply help us get more families using Watkins products, by selling products yourself or by introducing other people to our business opportunity.
  • Earn up to a 47% profit on everything you sell.
  • Earn 5% to 10% average bonus commissions on your team members’ activity.
  • Get a wholesale discount  for your own family.
  • Get the income tax advantages of owning your own business, which may increase your tax refunds.
  • Backed by Watkins’ superior products and reputation.
  • Tons of free coaching, tools, and a training website dedicated to showing you exactly what to do to be successful.
  • Just $29.95 gets you started.
  • Join here
  • Full refund within your first thirty days if it doesn’t work out for any reason.

Why join my Team?

With over 20 years experience I can assist you as you grow your business. I love to help people succeed and I am available  to answer questions and help you choose business methods that make sense for you. I’ll never be pushy – it’s your business and YOU decide how much you want to work, and how far you want to go with your business. I frequently offer incentives to my consultants also!

How much can I earn?

Watkins Discount/Commission Chart

Ready to Learn More?

Anne Thomas

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